This website is a platform for the comments & opinions of Ben Sekulowicz on the state of the internet, the web development industry & anything else of interest.

About the author

I’m a twenty four year old graduate of the University of Surrey now living and working in London. My interests away from the web include an eclectic taste in music and film and a growing interest in typography and industrial design. I support Arsenal and am learning to play the guitar.

I dislike diving footballers, estate agents, June Sarpong and talking in the third person.

About the author’s work

I currently work for Cimex—a media company who produce interactive content, accessibility studies and web sites for the UK government, the BBC, Channel 4 and a number of commercial and non-profit organisations.

In my role as web technologist, I have worked as lead front-end developer on a number of large scale projects. Examples of these and other projects can be seen in the ‘working’ section of this site, (coming soon).

If you require help with a standards based (re-)design, I am available for consulting, design and development work. Please get in touch and we’ll sort something out. My CV is available on request.


‘An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication’

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Although the author is based in London this site is hosted in California by the exceptional Dreamhost, resisiding on a shared server with Flickrshow, Check with mother and other beseku projects.

This site is redesigned too frequently. Previous versions are still around and can be found at v6 and


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